I Am Better Than The Worst Thing I Ever Did

21 August
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I'm quirky and snazzy. I talk in the weirdest way. I am addicted to music and live for the written word. Far too knowing of movies. Funny, intelligent, odd, off my rocker at times, insanely dull and interesting. Depends when you get me. Forever searching to know more and be more, and happy that instead of living a fulfilled life, I will be living to fill it.

Randomness about me!

I don't like open doors

The sound of wind bothers me

Favorite color is green, any kind of green

I can't whistle

I have slept with a stuffed frog every night since I was 14

I wear a jacket everyday no matter the weather

I have a thing for hands, teeth, and voices

I have a problem pronouncing R's in certain words

I am color blind

Favorite food is salad

I don't like chocolate

I have to have music to sleep or read

I love snakes

I love the sorrow of all things

I love Chuck Palahniuk so very much

All in all, I am one spiffy person and you should get to know me, so yeah talk to me and all that jazz.
5x2, a clockwork orange, a million little pieces, american psycho, amos fortune, amos lee, an unfinished life, anna karenina, atlas shrugged, battle royale, benny and joon, big sur, brokeback mountain, broken arrow, byrne: a novel, candyman, carrie, catch-22, catcher in the rye, chocolat, choke, clerks, crash: a novel, crime and punishment, crybaby, cyrano de bergeac, damien rice, dead man in deptford, dead-eye dick, diary, dirty deeds, dogma, don juan demarco, donnie darko, drkevorkian, east of eden, edward scissorhands, elmer gantry, everything's eventual, evil alien conquerors, face off, feeling sorry for celia, finding forrester, for keeps, frankenstein, galapagos, geek love, ginger snaps, glue, god bless you, going after cacciato, gone with the wind, grease, great balls of fire, gregory and the hawk, grindhouse, ham on rye, heavier than heaven, hocus pocus, honey for the bees, infinite jest, inglourious basterds, interview with a vampire, invisible monsters, irreversible, island of blue dolphins, it, jar head, jenny owen youngs, jitterbug perfume, johnny got his gun, kick-ass, kill bill vol 1&2, les misérables, less than zero, little manhattan, lolita, lullaby, lunar park, mallrats, mask, mayday parade, mazzy star, memoirs of a geisha, metallica, moby dick, moulin rouge, mullholland drive, mumford and sons, naked lunch, nightwish, nirvana, nothing like the sun, party monster, planet of the apes, post office, pulp, pulp fiction, pump up the volume, queen(old), rant, ray, ray lamontagne, reading is everything., rent, requiem for a dream, robin hood, rose red, running scared, running with scissors, say anything, scarlet, secret life of bees, slapstick, snuff, stranger than fiction, ten thousand sorrows, the cay, the door to december, the green mile, the hush sound, the iliad, the lost boys, the mask, the odyssey, the plague, the rules of attraction, the scarlet letter, the slaughter-house five, the stand, the stranger, the things they carried, the three musketeers, the trial, the wizard of oz, three days grace, timequake, to kill a mockingbird, tommyknockers, tool, v for vendetta, virgos merlot, war and peace, whats eating gilbert grape, wuthering heights, zoolander