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I could never get enough.

So I just watch American History X for like the 20th time I'm sure. That number is actually higher I'm sure, but I feel comfortable with 20. I really couldn't even describe how much I love that movie, except to say that I love it.

Anyways, it has been 2 months and a week or so since I last posted. Such a slacker right. Well I have since turned 21, hooray. But didn't do anything. Which is all jive for me. I miss my friends alot and I would have loved to see them, but this is where I am right now, and I have to get used to that.

I started back at school on the 4th of October. I am in the criminal justice program, but I have a new teacher, and he is just the bees knees. Really knows how to captivate a class, so I love those classes. I plan on going for the winter and spring quarter as well at the technical college, and then once summer comes I will be going to ABAC and starting what I feel like will be the real beginning of my adult life. I finally feel like I am moving forward, and that is real jive.

So I am hopefully getting some piercings soon. Hooray. I have had my eyebrow pierced before, but I haven't had that in since I was 17, I got it when I was 14. And then I had my nose pierced once on each side, so double nostrils, and I got those when I was 16, and had to keep taking them out for work. My last one came out about a month or so ago, they were put in wrong, and they just hurt too much. Anyways I am suppose to be getting some piercings around the 1st week of November. All together I am going to get seven facial piercings as follows: double nostrils, snake bites, angel bites, and my eyebrow. Maybe eight because I do want my bridge too, but I want those seven first. So I am excited for all that to come together. I do love piercings.

Nothing else is going on. I go to school, I read, I sleep and all that other stuff. Pretty dull, but it's still living.

Where I go, when I go there.

I am so obsessed with Spring Awakening. I mean how fantastic is it. Too fantastic. And the music is just amazing. Especially Touch Me. There is a song to live on.

So I will be 21 in exactly one week. It feels kind of weird to know I will be 21 soon. I guess it's not really an important age, or too big of a deal, but I know it's one of those big birthdays. Getting older just reminds me of what I haven't done yet. Like starting school. I am deeply bothered that I have not been in college yet. Well I am been to a technical college, actually it's a bit less than that, but I mean college college. I plan on starting beginning of next year if everything can be sorted out properly. But I just wish I could have started when I was 18, instead of 3 years later. Just something I will have to get over, but no one really likes the feeling of having wasted time, and that is how I feel.

As usual nothing is going on with me. Unfortunate. My mom got her job back though so I am really happy for her. She is no longer upset all the time and that is really a good thing. I hope good things continue to come to her.

Writer's Block: Happy happy joy joy

What cheers you up the most when life gets you down?

Music. Pretty certain on that. I mean I feel even if you get cheered up a bit, most of your problems are still their until you face them and all that jazz. But the power of a song is something special. I can be completely miserable and just play the right song, usually a depressing one, but all the same for a little bit my problems fade into the background and I am given some kind of peace.
Are there any sentimental objects that you've kept for many years? Are there any that you bring with you wherever you go?

I think so many things have sentimental value. I have kept alot of things. I am a huge pack rat. Everything holds a memory for me. And up until two years ago I took it with me. And I mean when I moved I took it all with me. The only thing I carried around all the time was my wallet and it was always very full because in it was a ticket stub from every movie I had gone too and also photos from all the photo booth pictures I had with my friends.
Have you ever given a friend or partner a second chance? What were the consequences? Any regrets?

No I have not. I don't believe in second chances. I think if you have wronged me or betrayed me then you are not trustworthy, and I can not have people like that in my life.

I don't ever regret it. I've only had to cut ties with two people. One of them was my so called father, but good riddance to them.

Writer's Block: For your viewing pleasure

What was the best movie of the year so far? Does it have the potential to become a classic?

I haven't seen any movies that have come out this year, so I can't really answer that. But a movie I watched this year is so a classic for me now is Mysterious Skin. Never have I seen anything so fantastic.

Writer's Block: Spare Time

Has technology and the Internet given you more or less free time? What's the biggest change? If your phone could make video calls, would you use that feature? Why or why not?

No. If anything I use them to fill my free time. I'm not really sure if I would use the video feature. I guess it would be cool to see the person, but to me it's along the same lines of a phone call and most of my friends don't do that so yeah I am not sure about that.

Writer's Block: Life with Technology

What's your favorite example of how technology has made your life better?

Hmmm. Oh yeah mp3 players. Not battery powered, so I can charge and not buy so many batteries. Holds so much music, so I pretty much have whatever I want at hand, and makes my days better. It is so easy for me to just play music whenever I want it. And that really makes a difference for me. Music is everything and for something that brings it so nicely to me is fantastic.

Writer's Block: Front and Center

What summer concert would you love to watch from the front row?

Damien Rice. Oh how I love his music and I have always wanted to see him live and hopefully one day I will and who would not want to be that close to him.

Writer's Block: Good Morning Heartache

What is something you worry about everyday? How long has it been plaguing you? Do you think you'll ever overcome it?

I constantly worry if I am ever going to go anywhere in life. I'm afraid that I am just going to be sucked into the vicious circle that is the history of all before me and that I will never be able to escape it. It has plagued me for about eight years now that I know of. Who knows maybe longer on a deeper level. I think it will be my fate to be stuck the way I am and I don't think I will be able to overcome it. But I will do everything I can to. I will try until there is no try left in me.



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